Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Thunder...Thunder...THUNDERHEAD! Hooooooooo!

     I want to finish up my partial projects before moving onto my 40k Orks. Cygnar has been waiting for at least 1 year now. The Thunderhead is special to me it was bought for me by my grandfather before he died. Thus, I will be Electricity Pulse-ing fools in respect for Papa Watts.

Paints for DJ Thunder
- primed with Krylon Flat Black
- Base coat of Boltgun Metal
- Heavy wash with Devlan Mud
- Blue areas are Enchanted Blue
- White Areas: Bleached Bone -> Skull White
- Gold is Shining Gold
- Electricity Coils: Privateer Press Troll Blood base with dash of Vellejo Ivory
- Eyes: Blood Red

He still needs washes and possible highlights. I am not very good at non-drybrushing highlights, yet. I may experiment.

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