Saturday, April 28, 2012

Team Fortress 2 Orks: "Spahz krumpin' mah sentrah!"

    SANDVICH!!! My game-bro, the Viking Librarian, finished converting up my Team Fortress 2 Orks. I love em! They got a lot of style and they capture Steam's flavor, while still being Orky. These figures will be a blast to paint up.
     My only conundrum is what to count the squad as. They are too diversely equipped to represent Kommandos, so I may have to spread them throughout my army. They can always represent a Nob squad, but that is what my Marvel Super-Herorks are for. I like having the problem of too many Orks.

     The Heavy standing large and in charge. He will most likely be the Nob of the Kommandos.

Pyro ork making gits do the "Burney Dance."

Spy Ork is going to get a Space Marine helmet painted on his mask. What chapter?

Soldier Ork makes me laugh, but I have a weakness for silly hats.

Snippa Ork also has a dapper hat. Thankfully, no Jarate!

Engineer Ork has an impressive wrench. He is my buddy's favorite. ZE GOGGLES!

Medic Ork is dealing out the feel-no-pain. I dig the Medi-Saw. Supposedly, no blood was spilled making it, too!

Ingenious use of bits for the Medi-Pack. Bravo!

Demo Ork is chargin'! I hate the Charging Demo in TF2!

Scout Ork is speedy with his cap. The cybork part will be painted like a Bonk Cola to fit the character, too.

Group shot! Now, I just need to decide which team to paint them as, blue or red....

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  1. I think the chapter should be Ultramarines, and paint them Red Team-y to tie them in with it. I mean, come on, why would you paint them blu when the Spy Ork would be disguised as a Blu Space marine?