Monday, April 30, 2012

Dystopian Wars: Rockets, Forcefields, and Robo-Squids. OH Myyyyy!

     Here is a family photo of my Empire of the Blazing Sun starter pack on my water table. I wanted bold colors for my little anime water trains. In the fluff, the boats are literally modified trains being driven by Steam punk Samurais with jet packs.

     Dystopian Wars is a naval/air/land wargame made by Spartan Games. The models are beautiful and the game mechanics are fun. I would venture to say that it is more of beer & pretzels game, than a serious, tournament worthy system. My reasoning is that it can get really random with the Exploding Dice mechanic. Roll dice, and reroll any 6s until you stop rolling 6s! It's fun, but more like Las Vegas than "The Art of War."

     Over the weekend, I finished up my Ika Squid and Floating Air Carrier, which have been languishing on my desk for sometime.

I hate painting those tiny planes....

     I tried my hand at wet blending the water effects on the Ika Squid's base. It is a mix of watered down GW Enchanted Blue, PP Trollblood base, and Vallejo Ivory. The squid is just GW Boltgun Metal and GW Devlan Mud.

     I was watching the episode "Blink" of Dr. Who with the wife while painting the squid. The weeping angels made her jump once, which almost resulted in my dropping my palette on the carpet!
     The squid comes with a submerged and breach token for when he is traveling underwater.


  1. Love the squid. That's the sort of thing that might draw me in to DW.

    The water looks good!

  2. Thanks.

    I am trying out new techniques every time a paint an army. This one was wet blending and I enjoyed it since it is relaxing.

    I am starting to learn that a lot of getting better at painting is color choice and not brush skill!

    DW is a fun game. It is easily the best Spartan game. I would suggest sticking with the naval/air since the land rules don't seem as fleshed out.

  3. This fleet looks awesome dude as does the board..
    I've just ordered my first few bits of DW.. Empire of the Blazing Sun of course! Squid drew me right in..

  4. Thanks for the praise.

    They are just mainly 2 colors with Devlan Mud. That really speaks for the quality of the models.

    No man can resist the squid. Stupid sexy tentacles...