Sunday, November 24, 2013

Welcome to Ork Town: Fully Painted Ork/Nid Action with Music

     The owner of gave me the honor of baptizing the new Ork Town table with green, fungal blood. This offer was too sweet to resist, so I dusted off the boyz to enter da fight.

     I wanted a crazy scrum, so we decided to run 1500 against Tyranids using the Death World rules. One of the rules is that lightning comes down on a 4+ and strikes the tallest unit (counting terrain and any decorative part of a model), and hits it with 2d5 Strength 8 AP 4 hits. Many ork units were fried by the power of Thor. Here are the pictures as a slideshow with Orky muzak!

     I lost, but this game represented 40k at its finest; fully painted armies on a fully painted table. Now, I am inspired to paint up some more Orks since I have been distracted by Infinity for the past 3 months. Side-note: I was helping referee an Infinity game, while I was playing my Orks, which made me happy.

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