Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Infinity Terrain from Toys: Avengers Quinjet and a Transformer

     I want to incorporate more non-building terrain pieces, so I have been looking around. I found this Avengers Quinjet for ~$30, which is a good deal compared to actual hobby models of a similar size.


     That is an Infinity Hospitaler Knight for scale. The kitchen counter isn't the best place for pictures, I found out, but it will do for this entry. I have sprayed the whole jet black to repaint it. I also glued down all of the moving pieces.

     As you can see, nothing can see under the jet's fuselage, so it will be good for blocking Line of Sight.

     Now this transformer was rummaged out of an old toy box from 15+ years ago. I was surprised that the toy seemed to be somewhat in scale.

     I will be adding some bits to the wheels in order to Sci-Fi it up some more.

     Not toys, but these are Really Useful Boxes from Office Depot, which I want to use a cheap crates for scatter terrain.

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  1. That's a good call on the Quinjet and the little boxes are pretty cool too.