Monday, November 18, 2013

How to Run a Slow-Grow-Infinity League

  Here is my random table of Infinity terrain. In this post, I will explain how I ran my Infinity league at my local game store, Tabletop Game and Hobby in Overland Park, KS. First, I created a Facebook group, and then posted this...

" 5-week league will be hosted at Tabletop Game and Hobby with a $5 entry fee. It will be a relaxed setting in order to learn the rules and system. It will starting the week of Monday, September 30th We can vote on an official night. I have seen the Saturday afternoon/evenings have been requested, but matches will be set up through this page anyway. Thus, there will be leeway on game nights.

Every game you play, you get a Cube. Every time you play with a new player, you get a Cube. You can play 2 additional games per week for bonus Cubes, either a rematch game against the same player or 2 new players. It does not matter if you win or lose, everyone gets Cubes. Each model that you paint is worth a Cube, assuming 3 color table-top standard. On week 6, Cubes will be used to raffle off prizes, like models and faction badges.

Week 1 - "Arcade Mode Rules" - You will play a preset list based on your faction. Arcade lists here
Week 2 - 150 points with the YAMS Telemetry and Clear Deployment Zone Mission
Week 3 - 150 points with random YAMS cards
Week 4 - 200 points with random YAMS cards
Week 5 - 250 points with random YAMS cards and TAGs/TAG equivalents

The point of this league is to learn Infinity. The objective of this league is to have fun and play new people."

To keep the League going, I offered a starter box for the ALEPH Steel Phalanx for anyone that played up to 2 games in Week 4 and Week 5. These games also counted for the normal raffle prizes, as well, so players were foolish not to play their final games. I even had a player join the league for the last 2 weeks to get a chance at the starter box.

After Week 5, I ran the raffle and separated the prizes into 3 categories; art, blisters, and gift certificates. The Blisters were random Line Troops and 2 Combined Army blisters that Corvus Belli sent to me since they love to support their player base. Props to them for being classy. The Art category were buttons, badges, and posters that Corvus Belli sent. Finally, I took the 5 dollars for the league and bought several $20 gift certificates and a $10. 

The players placed their raffle tickets (Cubes) as they desired. I said that if I drew a name from a category, they could not win again, until everyone had won at least one item. This way, everyone won something, and players that played the most games/painted benefited by getting first dibs on prizes.

I received a lot of praise for the league. People loved that it didn't matter if you won or lost, so they could relax to learn the rules. People still played competitively since it is more fun to win than lose. 5 weeks is also the magic amount of time to run a league since it is the longest amount of time, before people lose interest. I have seen many leagues fail due to being too long.

At the start of the league, I knew of 3 Infinity players, counting myself, at the end of the league, we had 13 players pay into the league, and many more express interest. Operation: Infinity Grow = Success. My store only carried several blisters of Infinity, and now, Infinity has an entire case dedicated to it.

Here are pictures from the league.


  1. hey just checking out your blog looks cool. If I can make a suggestion for your army list files. Try Aleph toolbox. It's a more effective application than army builder and free. As for the lists themselves, when printed or exported they have more information including adjusted bs for range bands. They can also be exported as a hyperlink that would automatically link to the web app and build the list and does the same if they have the app on their smart phone. give it a shot

  2. Thanks for the tip. I do have Aleph Toolbox on my Android phone. I just wish you could zoom in on the profiles. Otherwise, it is great, and several players use their tablets with it frequently.