Sunday, November 17, 2013

Plant Pots from Screw-Top Lids: Infinity Terrain on the Cheap

     Excuse my absence, I have been running a 5-week Infinity Slow-Grow League, so my hobby building/painting/blog time has been short. First up, cheap scatter terrain out of screw-top lids.

     Here is how they started. Regular lids off of random items (soda, kitty litter, and etc.). I used pumice on the inside to make it look more realistic. The plants came in a sheet from an Arts/Craft store.

     Super glue will not hold the plants down well, so I had to resort to a hot glue gun. I sprayed the planters with a Krylon Gloss coat to protect the paint. The gloss made the plants look more natural by giving them a sheen and causing the blades to warp. This warping gave the plants a more natural, disorderly look, so I did not Matte them. The figure pictured is a PanOceania Magister Knight.

     Here is a Cameronian (werewolf) stalking the artificial forest. In Infinity, these model pieces will give the shooting target a Low Visibility Zone, which is a -3 to hit. I will rule that if you are drawing Line of Sight through two planters, it is no a No Visibility Zone, and you cannot shoot the target. The planters are not sturdy enough to provide an Armor Bonus, but I may have to rethink that if the planters are too ineffectual on the tabletop for defense.


  1. Very cool. They look very nice. I like that they are big enough to provide some cover.

  2. Thank you. I have been eye-balling some of your Industrial terrain, and I am looking to make some tin can chemical towers next.