Saturday, July 27, 2013

Space Hulk Up For Pre-order on Steam.

     Space Hulk is up for Pre-order on Steam. A turn-based 40k game is a cool, yet obvious, idea. I know that the board game version was the gateway to the grim, dark universe for many players. It comes out Aug. 15th and is $29.99.

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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Stompy Ork Walkers on Parade

     Just a battleshot of my favorite army list for orks to field, but my least favorite to play. At 2 hull points and the KFF only giving a 5+ cover save, Killa kanz cannot be competitive. It would help if battelwagons could be dedicated transports for boyz, so I could field something to pop heavy transports and absorb enemy shooting.

I still love seeing 11 ork walkers on the table.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Sammael on JetBike Conversion Complete: Sharks for the Shark God, Chum for the Chum Throne

     Here is my plastic Sammael jetbike conversion from waaay back in February. He is mainly a Dark Vengeance bike with the front wheel chopped off and a Dark Eldar prow in its place. The blue streak and ork boots represent a kill by Sammael and his plasma cannon. You can see his buddies the heavy bolter scout and Chaplain hanging out in the background.

     Sammael was fun to paint while watching Sharknado. I decided to paint the goofy shark face since I like painting for my own enjoyment and do not want to take myself too seriously. I feel like that I finally have my own personal painting style and standard.

     On the other hand, this drop pod was a pain and I just wanted it done, but to look more interesting than solid grey.
     I have an 1850 40k tournament coming up in mid-August that I want to take the Space Sharks for a stroll. I want to add in 2 Whirlwinds since they are very cheap, and would give me something to deal with tons of guardsmen or fire warriors hunkered down behind an Aegis or Landing Pad.

My challenge is that I want to include Samael and a bunch of terminators. I should probably just bite the bullet and get a blob of guardsmen with Azrael for a blob with a 4++ to hunker on objectives. That plan doesn't seem fun or my style since I like to be more in your face than play safe and smart. Decisions, decisions.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Trogdor's Banner Form.

Remember Trogdor the Burniator? He's banner form.

Guess which banner this unit is equipped with?

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Galrauch WIP: 25,000 Views

BA-GAWK! Thanks to my readers for the 25,000 views. I hope something you have seen here has inspired you to paint something in your hobby. I wish to pay it forward for those that have inspired me.
Galrauch has been a very enjoyable paint process. His red is super easy in that I primed yellow spraypaint, washed twice red, and washed twice purple. Boom. Easy red.
This is after the first red wash and before the purple wash of course, so you can see the effect. I need to paint fast, but still want a solid tabletop standard.

I wanted to convey the fact that Galrauch is constantly in flux as the Tzeentch Daemon and High Elf dragon jockey for control of the body. Thus, I wanted everything to look fleshy and corrupted. With one eye looking dragon-like and one avian-like (Ba-gawk above).
The base seemed to have an empty space, so I searched the bits box for a victim, and decided to show a dwarf body, as if Galrauch collapsed a dwarf hold ala Smaug in The Hobbit.

Warriors of Chaos Monster Mash: Galrauch the Great Pain

I managed to find a metal Galrauch the Great Drake when the new Warriors of Chaos book dropped. I have always loved the model and the fluff, even though many think he is ugly as sin.

Big G is so heavy and he is based on a 50x50 Daemon Prince base, so I decided to be lazy/ingenious and to weigh him down with rocks from my landscaping. He is held together with a combination of pinning, ZapAGap superglue, and green stuff. G-man surprisingly turned out pretty solid. Sad Face: you can see that I glued his lower head on upside down in the above picture. I decided just to hacksaw it off and repin it rather than break off the neck.

I traded for some old Albion models to add in some variety to my troll horde. I am a huge fan of ManThing.

I am up to 12 painted/based trolls now. Soon, I will be able to run the horde of 18. I don't think it will be tactically sound, but I have always dreamed it since I started Warriors of Chaos in the last book, before Throgg was cool. That's right, I am the hipster troll.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Cheap Infinity Terrain from the Hardware Department

     I want to provide some cheap, functional, and durable terrain for the local game store in order to grow the Infinity community. I have seen electrical boxes been used before in other systems, specifically 6mm SciFi games like Micropanzer ( Thus, I visited the local hardware store's electrical department to try my luck.

The boxes are very cheap since each one varies from 19 cents to $2.00 depending on it's size. You can see in the background right side, that I painted one with some cheap automobile spray paint, so paint sticks.

The nice thing about these is that some are 3 inches tall (old style, which look boxier) and the newer ones are 3.5 inches tall. This is perfect for Infinity since most models can climb up 3 inches.

The new style is the one in the foreground, and the old style in the background. The terrain works well for Infinity since they are heavy enough that they will not move easily by being bumper. Plus, you can create different battle grounds by changing it all up. It may not be pretty, but they are very functional. It makes Infinity play like the arcade shoot-em' up that it is meant to be played like via its scale and rules.

Bonus, random shot of Gorken Morkann and a blown up truck from my explosive tea-light tutorial.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Warriors and Orks: Updating Old Models

Here is a beauty shot of my favorite conversion and paintjob. It is literally a DeffDread that is standing on 2 KillaKan bodies with a KillaKan body head.

Here are my Nurgle Warriors repainted for the new army book. I now have a secret love of basing the movement tray. I think it makes it look a lot more natural and has a good flow from the model to the table.

I am slowly working towards my troll horde. I am now up to 12 painted trolls.