Sunday, July 21, 2013

Sammael on JetBike Conversion Complete: Sharks for the Shark God, Chum for the Chum Throne

     Here is my plastic Sammael jetbike conversion from waaay back in February. He is mainly a Dark Vengeance bike with the front wheel chopped off and a Dark Eldar prow in its place. The blue streak and ork boots represent a kill by Sammael and his plasma cannon. You can see his buddies the heavy bolter scout and Chaplain hanging out in the background.

     Sammael was fun to paint while watching Sharknado. I decided to paint the goofy shark face since I like painting for my own enjoyment and do not want to take myself too seriously. I feel like that I finally have my own personal painting style and standard.

     On the other hand, this drop pod was a pain and I just wanted it done, but to look more interesting than solid grey.
     I have an 1850 40k tournament coming up in mid-August that I want to take the Space Sharks for a stroll. I want to add in 2 Whirlwinds since they are very cheap, and would give me something to deal with tons of guardsmen or fire warriors hunkered down behind an Aegis or Landing Pad.

My challenge is that I want to include Samael and a bunch of terminators. I should probably just bite the bullet and get a blob of guardsmen with Azrael for a blob with a 4++ to hunker on objectives. That plan doesn't seem fun or my style since I like to be more in your face than play safe and smart. Decisions, decisions.


  1. Hah! Love the smoking boots on the base, and the bike is a great conversion, looks very savage. Awesome work, man!

  2. Sorry to resurrect old posts, but if you don't mind me asking what did you use for the back end of Sammael's bike, the chaos bit? That is such a good jetbike conversion

  3. No problem. It is the Chaos heavy bolter cover from a Land Raider kit, I believe. It was just in my bitz box. Maybe, from the Chaos predator.

  4. The jetbike converision is pure genius. The drop pod looks great too. Your sharks are so much better than mine.