Thursday, July 11, 2013

Warriors of Chaos Monster Mash: Galrauch the Great Pain

I managed to find a metal Galrauch the Great Drake when the new Warriors of Chaos book dropped. I have always loved the model and the fluff, even though many think he is ugly as sin.

Big G is so heavy and he is based on a 50x50 Daemon Prince base, so I decided to be lazy/ingenious and to weigh him down with rocks from my landscaping. He is held together with a combination of pinning, ZapAGap superglue, and green stuff. G-man surprisingly turned out pretty solid. Sad Face: you can see that I glued his lower head on upside down in the above picture. I decided just to hacksaw it off and repin it rather than break off the neck.

I traded for some old Albion models to add in some variety to my troll horde. I am a huge fan of ManThing.

I am up to 12 painted/based trolls now. Soon, I will be able to run the horde of 18. I don't think it will be tactically sound, but I have always dreamed it since I started Warriors of Chaos in the last book, before Throgg was cool. That's right, I am the hipster troll.

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