Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Cheap Infinity Terrain from the Hardware Department

     I want to provide some cheap, functional, and durable terrain for the local game store in order to grow the Infinity community. I have seen electrical boxes been used before in other systems, specifically 6mm SciFi games like Micropanzer (http://www.micropanzer.com/). Thus, I visited the local hardware store's electrical department to try my luck.

The boxes are very cheap since each one varies from 19 cents to $2.00 depending on it's size. You can see in the background right side, that I painted one with some cheap automobile spray paint, so paint sticks.

The nice thing about these is that some are 3 inches tall (old style, which look boxier) and the newer ones are 3.5 inches tall. This is perfect for Infinity since most models can climb up 3 inches.

The new style is the one in the foreground, and the old style in the background. The terrain works well for Infinity since they are heavy enough that they will not move easily by being bumper. Plus, you can create different battle grounds by changing it all up. It may not be pretty, but they are very functional. It makes Infinity play like the arcade shoot-em' up that it is meant to be played like via its scale and rules.

Bonus, random shot of Gorken Morkann and a blown up truck from my explosive tea-light tutorial.

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