Thursday, July 11, 2013

Galrauch WIP: 25,000 Views

BA-GAWK! Thanks to my readers for the 25,000 views. I hope something you have seen here has inspired you to paint something in your hobby. I wish to pay it forward for those that have inspired me.
Galrauch has been a very enjoyable paint process. His red is super easy in that I primed yellow spraypaint, washed twice red, and washed twice purple. Boom. Easy red.
This is after the first red wash and before the purple wash of course, so you can see the effect. I need to paint fast, but still want a solid tabletop standard.

I wanted to convey the fact that Galrauch is constantly in flux as the Tzeentch Daemon and High Elf dragon jockey for control of the body. Thus, I wanted everything to look fleshy and corrupted. With one eye looking dragon-like and one avian-like (Ba-gawk above).
The base seemed to have an empty space, so I searched the bits box for a victim, and decided to show a dwarf body, as if Galrauch collapsed a dwarf hold ala Smaug in The Hobbit.


  1. Wooooo 25k! Paint me a dragon!

  2. Am I painting you a dragon or are you being me painting a dragon? Surely, this is the Inception of painting dragons.