Thursday, March 28, 2013

Cheap and Easy Space Game Mat???

 Found a bunch of pictures from the Hubble telescope site. Science! Next, I went to a vinyl banner site, Banners on the Cheap, and picked out one that would look good on a 3 foot by 3 foot square.

It is in the mail, now, so I will report back with pictures when it shows up. The website even has a gaming section for printing your own role-playing mats. From my research of other bloggers, players have even used dry-erase markers on them since they are made of vinyl. Handy dandy, Mandy!

If the mat is nice then this opens up the Pandora's Box of gaming tables. I could....
1) Print a Blood Bowl pitch
2) Print streets for an urban table of Infinity or 40k
3) Print an ocean mat for Dystopian Wars
4) Print costumes dungeons for role-playing

Oh, the potential. I hope that the image that I selected is not of too high a quality, so the details don't get washed out with the brightness. We shall see, readers, we shall see.

Class dismissed.


  1. The material is too hard to straighten once rolled up in a tube. I ended just buying a mousepad material mat instead. Plus the vinyl is slippery and lead to minis getting moved by accident more frequently. Not Xwing friendly.