Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Ravenwing, Scouts, and HQs: Space Shark Style

     I am slowly adding my reinforcements from the new Dark Angels book to my Space Shark terminators. Here are 2 squads of Melta and Multimelta bikes with 5 Scouts with a Missile Launcher.

     Here is a Sargent with a MicroArt Steam Knight head.

     Here is my bike librarian and techmarine, with a gun ol' gun for funsies.

     I messed up my Scout sarge's eyes, so he got professional wrestler style face paint.

     After doing it about 80 times, I can freehand a pretty mean shark.....


  1. That's a nice looking shark on the shoulder pads. =) Picture is a bit out of focus though.

  2. Thank you. Blame the cellphone, I need to figure out a better setting.

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