Tuesday, March 26, 2013

FFG X-Wing Ship Repaints: Revenge of the Painter

     Got 2 games of FFG's X-Wing Minatures today. Two buddies of mine opened up the Pandora's Box of painting X-Wing ships. I washed the X-Wings with GW Nuln Oil. I washed all of my Imperials with GW Blue wash to make them blue. I repainted the Firespray and used a sponge with Vallejo Grey-Black and GW Silver for battle damage. Finally, I painted engines on all of the ships.

The far left is a stock X-Wing, where the two on the right have been washed.


       I really cannot give this game enough praise. It is very fun and captures the feel of the Star Wars universe. Don't download the Android Star Wars dice app because it is rubbish for $4.99. I do like hearing Admiral Ackbar yell "It's a trap!" every time I go to roll dice with the Rebel sound pack though.....

     The games 2 strong points are the maneuvering and character combos. You have to really thing through your turns, especially with the activation order and bumping into other ships, which causes you to lose your action and make you unable to shoot what you bumped. The character combo is the list creation process. There are some really fun combos to be made by combining character abilities with weapon upgrades. It makes the game very fresh, but not in a sense that make sit unbalanced or broken.

 I wanted my TIEs to be blue!!


  1. These look sweet. I love the engines and the darkened x-wings have a much grittier look. Nice.

  2. Thanks. Now, I need a Falcon, so I can paint those back engines.

    1. Yes I thought it was a mistake on the falcon with those engines as the rest of the model looks so good and then you have a massive grey engine. Wierd. Looking forward to what you do to it.

  3. There are decals you can download and print for the falcon...http://www.afewmaneuvers.com/_/afm-articles/x-wing/millennium-falcon-engine-decals-r186