Monday, January 14, 2013

Random Ork Conversions and Battleshots

Looted Wagon with Boomgun dubbed the "Cookie Monster."

Gorken Morkann holds the line

Kommandos sneak onto an unoccupied Sky-shield of a Flying Circus demons player. Trollolololo

My bud's Chaos

Ton'eee Stork fighting a Blood Thirster. He held for 2 turns but died.

Grab the objective, boyz!

Orky Broadside

Orky Crisis Suit


  1. Why did I never play against this army?

  2. Love the kommandos on the skyshield. Perhaps the second greatest infiltrate ever.

  3. @JRBunn They weren't painted and I am trying to paint before I play.

    @Sonsoftaurus Those aren't just any kommandos. Those are the Team Fortress 2 kommandos! Many online players rag on kommandos, but infiltrating an ork unit onto an objective is handy dandy to take some heat off of the incoming stompy/rolling/running horde.