Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Converted Sammael Jetbike and Black Knights - Space Sharks Style

Time to update my Space Sharks for the new codex! I already have the army painted once, so I am going back to make changes, weapon swaps, and new additions.

Sammael here is a Dark Vegeance biker with the wheels and bolters chopped off. Replaced the front with a Dark Eldar Raider prow. The back is a chaos vehicle thingy-ma-bob with a random Imperial Guard tank main weapon as the engine.

Deathwing Knights seem to be the go-to for close combat. It also helps that they are cheaper than regular TH/SS guys, with some added juicy rules. I rarely fired any weapons with my beatstick command squad in the old book anyway, so the no ranged on the knights doesn't phase me.

Scouts need missile launchers to hold my objectives as the big boys play in the enemy deployment.

Black Knight bikers do plasma better than Ravenwing ones. Gotta have some of those. These just have their bolters cut off and replaced with Plasma Pistols. A head swap from Maxmini Steam Knight heads.

Techmarines can provide cool wargear options. Plus, I love them. Here is my take a on a Conversion Beamer, which will be my Servo-Harness upgrade in Dark Angels.

Plasma Cutter, Flamer, and 2 servo-arms. I guess he just melees with the huge gun?

Scouts can't take shotguns, so time to make more snipers from Ork boss poles.

Autocannon Dreads are finally in the book. Sign me up. This is a missile launcher with a chopped up Imperial Guard autocannon turret chopped up (seeing a theme here?).

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  1. Looking forward to my Eldar making Sammael Sharkfin Soup next time I'm in town.