Sunday, July 22, 2012

Space Sharks (Deathwing) 1000 pt for 6th Edition

     The FLGS had its first 6th edition even for 1000 pts. I decided to let the Space Sharks swim since they are my only fully painted army. We had 16 players show up and we had 3 rounds of play to allow us to grow used to the changes.


  • Beliel - Master of the Deathwing
    Twin Lightning Claws
  • Librarian
    • Terminator Armour
      Storm Bolter


  • Deathwing Command Squad (Troops)
    Deathwing Apothocary, 4x Thunder Hammer and Storm Shield
    • Sergeant
      Thunder Hammer and Storm Shield
  • Deathwing Terminator Squad (Troops)
    Cyclone Missile Launcher, Storm Bolter and Chainfist, 3x Thunder Hammer and Storm Shield
    • Sergeant
      Thunder Hammer and Storm Shield
  • Deathwing Terminator Squad (Troops)
    Cyclone Missile Launcher, Storm Bolter and Chainfist, 3x Thunder Hammer and Storm Shield
    • Sergeant
      Thunder Hammer and Storm Shield

1000 points on the dot. I could substitute the Librarian for a squad of 3 bikes with 2 melta, but I am happy that I stuck with the Libby. Prescience rerolls are no joke.

Round 1 - Dark Eldar - 3 Objectives - Crushing Loss
Round 2 - Jumper Blood Angels - 2 Objectives - Crushing Victory
Round 3 - 2 Tervigon, Trygon Nids - Killpoints Hammer and Anvil - Crushing Victory

- The Librarian with the Divination signature spell was more useful than originally thought. Re-rolling Thunder hammers can be huge on the Command squad.
- Hammer and Anvil allowed me to kill a Trygon with Cyclone shots before it could get into combat. Again, rerolls from Divination's Prescience helped immensely.
- My opponents being great and fun
- Mysterious Objectives aren't game breaking at all. The Exploding one was rolled twice and didn't kill a single model in either my or my opponents armies.
- Getting Best Overall! Very unexpected after being crushed Game 1.

- Round 1 - my command squad deepstriked and scattered 9 inches into a unit of Pathfinders. I rolled a "1" on the Deepstrike Mishap table. Fuuuuuuuu.........Bye-Bye 515 points before the game even begins. By the graces of Odin, I wasn't tabled as I had one Terminator on the field, Captain Ahab the Sargent.

In the end, I won Best Overall and got to take home a sweet medal. Many players loved the Space Sharks and they won Best Painted as well, but one player cannot win multiple categories. The love needs to be shared around. My medal is the gold. My partner-in-crime got Sportsmanship and $20.

The final standings. It's me at the top. Tyler Watts. Gigawatts. Easy right?

I didn't get battle pictures, so here are glamor shots of the sharks.

The butt-kicking Command Squad minus Librarian Dhalsim.

Apothecary bit from Fabius Bile.

Here is the famous Captain Ahab, who has solely survived Tyranids and Dark Eldar now.


Squad markings allow me to tell which unit is which with minimal distraction to the base rim.
No army is complete without custom objective markers. A simple finishing touch.

Next tournament is 1500 in a month, so I need to decide to bring more Space Sharks, Kan Wall orks, or Shooty Tyranids. The choices.....

Class Dismissed.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Orky Stompy Goodness + Krylon Aluminum

Send in the kanz..........

     Metallic hobby paint is annoying to basecoat. Thus, I want to try a spray primer. Krylon has done me right in the past. I went with the matte because the satin tends to resist additional paint layers. It's doable, but more time consuming.

I am going to repaint the vehicles here since I didn't paint them. Also, I plan to wash the vehicles in a brown wash to ork them up. The spray paint is nice in that it doesn't take much to cover. Also, it dries faster than other colors, such as black. I suggest shorter bursts and holder the can closer than 6 inches, like with more basic colors.

I kitbashed another Super Deff Dread since another local player was so kind to gift me with a dread and kanz boxes. I wanted a more serious, deadly looking one for this stomper. I took inspiration from my Avatar, Guts-Man from MegaMan.

I hope that ork walkers are still good in 6th edition, but hull points seem to weaken the stompy list. No matter what I will play it since walkers are my favorite units in 40K.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Orky Tau Allies: Where Fungus meets Fish

     Send in the Fire Grots! This is a Fire Warrior with Fantasy Goblin legs (not Night gobbo). I slapped him on a piece of cork, so that I am not modeling for advantage.

I am trying to fit in some bare headed gobbos, but their heads will require some green stuffing since they lack a back.

 The Orky Broadside is a work in progress. The big shoulder guns are Killa Kan skorchas (who even uses those?). The Rocket arm is a Killa Kan missile arm with a ork boy shoulder pad covering the joint. The legs are Killa Kan arms with Killa Kan feet. I need to decide what to do for the other arm since I am running out of missile arms.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Infinity - PanOcean Military Order - Knights of the Round meets the A-Team

     PanOceania has the future Catholic church as one of it's sectorial (theme) groups. I wanted to build a list that had as many different knights as possible. This is like a holy version of the A-Team.

     In a Military Orders list, you can select one group of knights that you can field multiples of and then 2 Confere (non-selected) single knights. You can also work in Magister Knights, but that gets crazy points wise. You can also pick special characters like Joan of Arc or Gabrielle de Fersen to fit in more flavor.

Here is my current 250 list

 GROUP 1 (Regs: 7/Irrs: 0):

  KNIGHT HOSPITALLER Doctor MULTI Rifle / Pistol, AP CCW (52)
    MOV:4-2  CC:16  BS:14  PH:14  WIP:13  ARM:4  BTS:-6  W:2 
    Regular, Frenzy, Cube, Linkable
    Martial Arts L2, Sixth Sense L1, Religious Troop, Doctor

  TEUTONIC KNIGHT Spitfire / Pistol, AP CCW (46 | 2)
    MOV:4-4  CC:18  BS:14  PH:14  WIP:13  ARM:3  BTS:-6  W:2 
    Regular, Frenzy, No Cube, Linkable
    Berserk, Jungle Terrain, Religious Troop, V: Courage

  KNIGHT OF SANTIAGO Spitfire, E/M Grenades / Pistol, AP CCW (51 | 1.5)
    MOV:4-2  CC:18  BS:14  PH:13  WIP:13  ARM:4  BTS:-3  W:2 
    Regular, Frenzy, Cube, Linkable
    Religious Troop, 360ยบ Visor, Zero-G

  JOAN OF ARC Lieutenant MULTI Rifle, Nanopulser / Pistol, AP CCW (61 | 1)
    MOV:4-2  CC:18  BS:15  PH:15  WIP:15  ARM:5  BTS:-6  W:2 
    Regular, Frenzy, Cube, Linkable
    Martial Arts L3, Inspiring Leadership, V: No Wound Incapacitation, Religious Troop, Lieutenant

  2x PALBOT Electric Pulse (3)
    MOV:6-4  CC:8  BS:8  PH:8  WIP:13  ARM:0  BTS:-3  STR:1 
    Regular, Not Impetuous, G: Servant
    CH: Mimetism

  3x FUSILIER Combi Rifle / Pistol, Knife (10)
    MOV:4-4  CC:13  BS:12  PH:10  WIP:12  ARM:1  BTS:0  W:1 
    Regular, Not Impetuous, Cube, Linkable

 246 Points | SWC: 3.5

Army Infinity v.3.0. -

     I haven't played the army yet (I am rocking a strict, paint before play clause, now), but it is fluffed to be a Order of Mercy group that goes behind enemy lines to save civilians or prisoners. I want to use Fusiliers over the Military Order grunts because I view Fusiliers as more expendable. This group is set out to attack aganist my buddy's, JMock, Combined Army. Fusiliers also let me switch between Vanilla PanOceania and Military Orders more easily.

Infinity plays from 150 to 300 points. I would suggest demoing it with 3 line troops (Fusiliers) and 1 heavy infantry unit (Any knight).

Knight Hospitaller (My favorite)

Knight of Santiago

Teutonic Knight

CrocMan (can't be used in a Military Order sectorial) is an awesome Maori doing a Haka. He also rocks TO camo, which is why I painted his lower half Predator-esque.

Fusiliers are chumps, but I have a weakness for berets. I wanted to have red ones, too, like the UNIT operatives in Dr. Who.

The bases are MicroArt Studios - Ruined Factory. I feared that they may add too much height, but my guys are still not as tall as JMock's Combined Army!

Before pics