Saturday, March 31, 2012

Warriors of Chaos 2200 Tournament: "The Bash Brothers"

 Time to let the Bash Brothers stretch their "legs." I am attending a 2200 Warhammer Fantasy tournament with Adepticon missions at the FLGS. This tournie will be my first one with a painted/based army. Squee!!!

Sadly, I couldn't fit in my fun units. like Trolls with Throgg and Dragon Ogres. One day, I will be able to run my dream "Monster Mash" list with Throgg and Kholek Suneater. Soon....

Props to anyone, who gets the reference to my army's name.

The Warhost of Vigo the Unholy
(2197pts Total)
Lords (415pts)
Sorceror Lord (415pts)
++Disk of Tzeentch, Level 4, Lore of Tzeentch, Mark of Tzeentch
++Gifts of Chaos
++Bloodcurdling roar, Third Eye of Tzeentch
++Magic Items
++Biting Blade, Charmed Shield, Talisman of Preservation

Heroes (214pts)
++Exalted Hero (214pts)
++Army Battle Standard, Halberd, Mark of Tzeentch, On foot
++Gifts of Chaos
++Stream of Corruption
++Magic Items
++Talisman of Endurance, The Bronze Armour of Zhrakk

Core (1158pts)
Chaos Marauders (292pts)
++Musician (4pts), Standard Bearer, Mark of Khorne (30pts)
++50x Chaos Marauder
++50x Great Weapons

Chaos Warhounds (30pts)
++5x Chaos Warhound

Chaos Warhounds (30pts)
++5x Chaos Warhound

Chaos Warriors (364pts)
++Musician, Standard Bearer, Mark of Khorne
++18x Chaos Warrior
++18x Halberds, 18x Shields
++Magic Standard
++Banner of Eternal Flame

Chaos Warriors (442pts)
++Musician, Standard Bearer, Mark of Tzeentch
++24x Chaos Warrior
++24x Shields
++Magic Standard
++Rapturous Standard

Rare (410pts)
Hellcannon (205pts)
Hellcannon (205pts)

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Another game system...: "To Infinity and Beyond!"

Welp. I have started another game system, Infinity. Luckily, this is a skirmish game, so the model count SHOULD stay low. The major draw of this game for me is using TONS of terrain. The rule book states that there shouldn't be more of an 8-inch gap without terrain. Also, the models are gorgeous.

I ordered in the Military Order starter of the PanOceania group. I couldn't resist crazy Indonesian/Aussie Catholic Future Knights running around in power armor. The knights still have shooting, but they can melee, even though melee seems to be an after-thought in Infinity.

Luckily, my FLGS had the Knight Hospitaller blister in, which is my favorite. I also picked up some MaxMini Old Factory bases to be all fancy.

I also ordered in the Knight of Santiago blister. I love saying his name. SANTIAGO. Supposedly, he is a dervish of death.

Now, I just need to decide on a color scheme for my grunts. Do I go with the Hospitaller or Santiago theme? Make up my own? Go with a default for any grunts and give the special ones their scheme? Me thinks that the last option seems more reasonable and would be more universal.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Flames of War Sikhs: "Sikh and Destroy"

My Early War Sikhs are based off of the Hellfire and Back Rifle Company list. This group would be a 1500 point army, but I am missing a fourth Matilda II that I had to order. These are my first models at this scale.

Army Shot

Sikh HQ

Rifle Platoon 1
Rifle Platoon 2

Mortar Platoon

India Pattern Carriers

Matilda IIs

Today is Hobby Day: "I don't roll on SHABBAS!"

Great weather, good mood, and strong black coffee = Hobby Time.

Here is where the magic happens. Currently, on the desk I have the following...
++ Thunderhead for Warmachine
++ A dwarf slayer
++ Matilda II tanks and India Pattern Carriers for my Flames of War Sikhs
++ 3 Dreadnoughts for Spaaaceeee Sharkssssss
++ Stormblades for more Warmachine
++ Scrap bits for making Ork buggies out of Koptas

Entropy is the natural order of the universe folks.

Here I am gloss coating and matte varnishing my Sikhs, both Krylon. My secret is to let the models dry in direct sunlight, so I don't get any funky discoloration or odd textures. Pictured I have...
++ 3 Matilda IIs
++ 3 India Pattern Carriers
++ Sikh HQs
++ 2 Rifle Platoons
++ 1 Mortar Platoon

I plan on using the army to interchange between Early and Midwar.

I respect and chose Sikhs for their unwavering heroism during any war. Also, they volunteered to fight to protect the freedom of a different culture/religion. Even Gandhi asked them to not fight since Britain would not grant India its independence, but the Sikhs wouldn't let ol' Adolph bully the down-trodden.
The army before paint.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Da Krump Kroozer: Ork Battlewagon Conversion

     Behold, da Krump Kroozer in all of it's plasticard glory! It started it's life as a trukk made from a Rhino, but I loved the model too much to see it get blown up by bolter fire. Also, I love trukks, but 12 ork boys wasn't cutting the mustard. Thus, I did what any mek would do and tricked that bad boy out.

     I tried my hardest to keep the dimensions as close to the official model, so no one could cry foul in "modeling for advantage." Also, I am from the camp that believes if a ork vehicles doesn't have a face/gob, it's not Orky enough.

     I must admit that the treads come from a Gundam toy, Gun-Tank to be specific. I would have used the battlewagon treads, but they are too expensive. Also, I traded for this battlewagon, so the paint job is not mine.

    The next question is this. I have 2 Land Raiders. Do I use them with my Dark Angels or do I ork them up for 2 more battlewagons? Their fate is in your hands readers...

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Freehanding Chapter Badges: "Make em' by hand, Break em' by hand"

     First, quote by Mr. T from an episode of the A-Team. Tyberos here represents my first model that is based, has a chapter badge, and gloss coated/matte sealed. Ready to rock.

     Freehanding the badge was easier by breaking it down into different strokes. Steadying my painting hand with my freehand. Also, using black to go and make touch-ups when completed.

1750 Sharks Fin: Game 1 - Space Wolves

     Game 1 was versus Space Wolves. It was table corners and 3 objectives. It is always scary to play corners with objectives because it is easy to get put in a bad spot, if you place the objectives incorrectly.

His list
Rune Priest w/ Living Lightning and Murderous Hurricane
Rhino w/ 9 Grey Hunters w/ Flamer and Plasma Pistol
Rhino w/ 9 Grey Hunters w/ Flamer and ??? (Never got out of its Rhino)
10 Grey Hunters on Foot
Land Raider Crusader w/ 10 TH/SS Wolf Guard Terminators
1 Lone Wolf TH/SS w/ 2 Fenrisian Wolves

     I won the roll off, so I picked the Table corner. I placed chose to place 5 Deathwing in reserve for Deathwing Assault and the 2 Attack Bikes in normal reserves. I deployed the bikes with plans to Scout into cover (shown by the arrows). I mainly wanted the bikes to allow me to deepstrike on top of 2 of the objectives Turn 1, and to help pop that Land Raider.

     I attempted to use Battlescribe to create a battlereport, but it is weak sauce for 40k. The program would be perfect for Warhammer Fantasy, but it is too fiddly for 40k units.

     I think that I played this game well, but I may have drawn if the game didn't end on Turn 5 because his 10 TH/SS were chipping away at my 5 man squads to get at the Eastern objective. It was odd being at the mercy of the TH/SS termies, very eye opening for me. I definitely do not have the volley of fire or attacks to take them down.

-  Putting the attack bikes in reserves, not Outflanking. The zoomed up and blew up the LR. Amazing because I always roll '1s' for melta to hit.
-  Deathwing Assault. I love deepstriking. It keeps the game interesting and opens the board up.
- Teleport Homers. I have to pay a chunk of points for easy kill points, but the bikers compliment  the termies like Fish and Chips. Also, they are a huge threat to opponents, so they tend to take the heat from shooting off the termie squads.

- Belial: Somebody buy this guy an Invuln save...His best stat is his Initiative, so I don't want to use TH/SS. Also, I love using the FW Tyberos model for him. That model inspired this army.

    Closing: The game was fun and it started off solidly in my favor, but extra turns would have made it a MUCH different story. Space Marine armies (Not Razorback spam) are my favorite to fight because they usually don't have the volume of shots to put down 20+ TH/SS terminators.