Sunday, March 2, 2014

Why Infinity is Awesome: Breaching Terrain with Demo Charges

Here is the highlight of our Supplies mission game, and shows why I love Infinity. First, you see our board. This instance occurs on the large garage on the right side. The blue/grey buildings are from Shark Mounted Lasers

 It is Turn 3, the final turn, and my TO specialist is hiding out of sight with a mine protecting his flank, and Order Sergeants covering him.

On Opponent's side, he has an Irmandinho, who has a Chain Rifle and D-Charges on the exact opposite side of the same garage. First, the Irrmandinho places a D-Charge and blows a template sized hole in the wall. 

Next, the Irmandinho charges through the breach, and catches all of my Order Sargeants and TO Specialist under the Chain Rifle template. 

My models fire back at the Irmandinho with Combirifle AROs since I cannot cancel out the direct template shot, and to dodge would be at -6 to my PH, so needing a 4. All of my models fail their Armor rolls, but they get vengeance on the crafty, murderous Irmandinho. 

Thus, I lose my Supply box, and opponent sweeps the objective points for max scoring. Here are more shots from the day. We played Antenna Field and Supplies from the ITS 2014 document.

Autocannon Tank Hunter gibs my Link team of Order Sergeants.

This TO Specialist survived 3 turns of armor rolls before finally failing an armor roll of 1 caused by an angry Scots man's axe.

A sniper duel rages, as my Order Sergeant fires at an enemy Cateran sniper on the roof of the far building in the background. The OS sniper wins via the 5-man Link team bonus of +1 Burst and +3 BS.


  1. Looks awesome. I love the view down the barrel of the auto cannon. That thing is a beast covered in beast sauce.

  2. The Autocannon is beastly. Jumping out of camo, and sending Armor Piercing and Explosive ammo at your face. A weird trick that I learned from this game is that you can use a cell phone camera to check Line of Sight without moving terrain or having to lay your head down on the table. Saves your eyes from getting stabbed by terrain features, too.