Tuesday, January 7, 2014

1775 Ork Escalation List: Pogo Stompa Powaa!

     Here are two of my kitbashed Meks to make repair rolls on the Stompa. They wouldn't be too bad in a Battlewagon, either, come to think of it..... My favorite piece is the little Imperial tool/lunch box.

     Here is the 1775 list for an Escalation tournament. I don't expect many non-Imperial Guard super heavies at my store, beyond a Thunderhawk.

- Big Mek w/ KFF and grot oiler - 7 Loota w/ 3 Meks (1 loota per firing port) - 3*20 Shoota boys w/ Klaw/Pole/Armor Nob - 10 Grots w/ Runtherd - 2*Dakkajet w/ ExtraShoota/FlyBoss - Stompa w/ Extra SupaRokkit
    What do you think? The Extra Supa Rokkit could be more grots, but I think the large blast is more valuable. The idea is that I want to have troops surround the Stompa to protect the it from fast melta. Also, the Stompa makes all of my Ork units Fearless, which is nice.

    I could drop the Dakkajets and buy the boys 3 Deff-rolla wagons. The benefit of that idea would be that everything in the list could move 12", which seems scary. Also, it would be very satisfying to Deff-rolla an Imperial Guard Lord of War. Dakkajets are MVPs of my usual lists, though, and exploding Battlewagons kills a LOT of boys.


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