Sunday, September 30, 2012

epic Caine: The Joy of 5 O'clock Shadow

     Pro-Tip for Facial Stubble: Mix in your flesh tone into the grey to make the transition less jarring.  Epic Caine from Warmachine may be one of my favorite models. Of course, I do love me some John Woo Gunkata. Let'see the before pic because I can't tell if the zenith highlighting did anything....


     It must be one of those situations where if you believe it, it works?

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Gorken Morkann, Rambork, and Khal Drogork: Ork Update

     I finally mustered up the courage to paint up my baby, Gorken Morkann. Painting ork armor is fun because if you make a mistake with the brush. Meh.

I tried to stay true to the source material.

Drill, drill, drill!

The new leader of my WHFB Waaaagh, Khal Drogork.

Finally, Marbork for my Imperial Guard Allies.

Oh yeah, I painted up this Space Shark Dreadnought to kill lots of MEQ infantry, which is lousy all over the shop.

Also, look at all of these boys....

Monday, September 10, 2012

Space Shark Terminator Chaplain - Holy Diver

     I am growing bored of the Terminator TH/SS parade that is my current count-as Deathwing Space Sharks list. Thus, I am trying to branch out the force. With my Librarian, I am always shooting for re-roll to hit, so why not run a Chaplain?!

     I haven't been super impressed with the Libby anyway. I am also hoping that Chaplains and Plasma gets better with the new Dark Angels Codex due soonish (Hopefully). I also converted my bikes into squads of 5 with 2 plasma, plus multi-melta attack bike. In my experience, the attack bike is the melta workhorse, so why not use the plasma's extra range to shoot-and-scoot away from things for the normal bikers?

     I am also tempted to try out a dual Land Raider list to spice things up. My gut tells me that is too many points spent on non-scoring elements of an army sub-2000, but the Raiders aren't so desireable as Battlewagons either for 2 reasons.
     1) You can take Cover saves off the Deff Rolla.
     2) You can't assault after Tank-Shocking.

Epic Caine has been lonely on my desk, so I tried priming white and black to see if I get a lighting effect. He came out a tad fuzzy, but nothing beyond fixing.