Monday, March 23, 2015

The Start of my Circle

     So far for the Riven Bonds league, I have more paint points, than gaming ones....It is fine because I wanted this to be a reason to paint up models that I have had for over a year, and I love painting Privateer Press models.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Multiplayer Infinity: Aristeia Gladiator Battle

     We ended our "Welcome to N3" 7-week league with a big event. The first league, I tried to have everyone fight a giant robot, but that failed, since they killed the robot too easily. Instead, I took some ideas from other Infinity events and a Malifaux brawl that I ran to create this mission. The link will take you to the Google Doc, which you can feel free to edit and or use to your heart's content.

     The rules work fairly simple. Everyone can take a single multi-wound model, either 2+ wounds, Dogged, or No Wound Incap, that isn't a TAG or Achilles. You roll Initiative to see who places their figure first, and activates first. Then you play 5 rounds with the following scoring.

• 3 points for knocking an enemy to Unconscious or Dead, but not points for both. No Coup de Gras can be executed. Unconscious models will just die at the end of the order that they will killed. Exception: Regeneration, but the killer will still score points, as if their target died.
• 1 point for assisting in a kill, which means causing at least 1 wound to a model. Immediately score this point, when the Armor roll is failed, no matter if the model is healed later.
• 1 point for turn in which you didn't die.
• -3 points for a death and get sent back to a random deployment zone on the next turn.
Players’ scores cannot go below zero.

     I took a HoloProjector lvl2 Selpuchere Knight that disguised himself as a lowly Fusilier. He battled bravely against Ajax, Phoenix, Father Knight, and a Chronotid. Sadly for the Church, the evil E.I. won the day with the Chronotid punishing the other combatants with its cowardly Plasma weaponry.

One thing that I would change, is that I would let any respawning players be able to place their model anywhere on the board on the final round, so that way people can get some revenge kills. The mission was a hit, everyone enjoyed themselves, and they said that they would like to try it again.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Relearning WarmaHordes with the Riven Bonds League: Circle of Orboros

Here are my 15, 25, and 35 pts lists of the Path of Devastation: Riven Bonds 4-week League. I have Cygnar all painted, but I want to play Circle since I love the game for the big base models, like Warbeasts and Warjacks. Here is what I have to work with models wise.

I am going to play pBaldur to learn with since he seems to be a balanced caster that can support beasts and infantry. He can control the board with his feat and forests, and he can do an assassination in a pinch.

I have to run a Blackclad in my lists since I can upgrade him with XP bonuses to buy new skills for the model. I love the idea of the league because it is a participation league that rewards game play and painting.