Friday, July 24, 2015

Arena Rex - Bloody Fun

Finally, I assembled my Arena Rex since a friend just bought some models from their, now public, online store.

The miniatures are beautiful. They are like miniature statues, as opposed to simply game pieces. Their detail goes above and beyond anything that I have handled before, be it Forge World, Malifaux, Infinity, or Warmachine. Also, the models were not as difficult to put together as I was dreading, with them being resin. 

The minis were so much fun, that I felt the need to pose them into little action scenes. Too much fun, or perhaps too much exposure to super glue fumes (Untrue, since I was wearing a mask to protect from resin particles)/

 Miniatures of this quality deserve cool terrain to match its flavor. Thus, I 3d printed up some dangerous hazards and obstacles for the arena. 

 We played a 3-way battle with 3 gladiators each to test out the system. I was curious to try multiplayer since most miniature games fall apart in multiplayer. I am happy to say that the game was balanced and quite fun. It came down to a lone model surviving, and 2 gladiators met their untimely demise to the spiked pits. Definitely, want to try and get some more minis, after I paint up what I have. 

I will go into more details on gameplay, if anyone is curious, but I was surprised how approachable/complex the rules were. I would say that it gave me the feel of something like X-Wing miniatures in that anyone off the street could play Arena Rex, but a newbie would have a hard time at beating a veteran player.


  1. Great. I am really interested in this game, so would love to hear about the gameplay. I just missed out on the kickstarter but been looking forward to the minis getting released for ages. They are lovely

  2. Truly gorgeous models. Can't wait to see them painted.