Friday, August 2, 2013

Space Shark Whirlwinds WIP

     I have always wanted to shark up some Rhino chasis. Those negative spaces just scream for jaws. I plan on going back with some touch-ups and free-handing some tribal work like on the Carcharodon's Forge World transfer sheets.

     I have a lot of experience freehanding my chapter badge at this point. I accidentally used Cloudy Grey instead of Stormy Grey to clean up the edges, so I need to fix it. Doh!

     I have to include the goofy Rogue Trader logo as well. I can't forget my roots. I am going to run the Whirlwinds with stormbolters in an attempt to save the missile launcher from being shot off. I figure for 5 pts, it is a worthy upgrade. This puts each one at 70 points, which is pretty cheap for their utility at fighting off hordes, which tie up my terminators.


  1. They remind me of little grey Domokuns. I approve.

    Now bring that army out to Colorado and destroy the competition at Feast.

  2. Love your Space Sharks Sir. The old school emblem is not goofy, it's scary.