Wednesday, May 15, 2013

1000 Ork/Dark Eldar: Long Live Team Krump & Hump

     Tabletop Game & Hobby, my FLGS, held a 40k team tournament last weekend. Each player brought a 1000 pt list with no allies and 1 fortification between the team's players.

Big Mek KFF
1 Dakkajet with extra shoota
2*20 Boyz with BigChoppa/BP Nob
19 Boyz with PowerKlaw/BP Nob
3 Battlewagons with Big Shoota, Deffrolla, Red Paint

     My battleplan was to drive the battlewagons up a flank as fast as possible Turn 1. Turn 2 would be tankshocking with deffrollas and throwing fistfuls of shoota boy dice. My Dark Eldar partner and I would deploy to appear as a battle line, but he would quickly zoom over to my side in order to run a refused flank. I brought the durable troops, while he brought the anti-tank and harassing units.

     My Dakkajet "Da Shootiest" was my MVP as it put the hurt on 2 flying Daemon Princes and gave me some much needed quick dakka.

     Deffrollas didn't accomplish much since I didn't roll to hot with them, but they provided a much needed threat. I want the wagons to keep being a threat even after the boys are out of them. Thus, the rollas keep the wagons scary. Red Paint is also worth it. It helps with assaults and gives extra range to shooting.

Game 1: Blood Angels/Orks
     I deploy like a git, which allows a Dread with a melta to droppod down and melta one of my wagons. The updates to vehicle explosions is all vehicles explode at Str 4. This kills lots of boys...I run the other wagons forward to capture 2 objectives. We win this game.

Game 2: Necrons/Chaos Marines
     I deploy right on the edge of the left flank. Two 10 man flanks deploy right across from me. I fear being glanced to death, but I move up 19" in order to get a Turn 2 assault. One Wagon gets wrecked, which is preferable to exploding. Wagons serve their job if I can get 20 boys into a scrum without losing any Turn 2. We draw this game because I cannot finish off a single Plague Marine, so I can't contribute to a fight with a Necron Overlord.
Game 3: Chaos Marines/Chaos Daemons
     We face off against 4 flying monstrous creatures, and I cowardly place my wagons as far away as possible. I get a bunch of lucky shots off on the daemons and they fail Grounding tests. This misfortune opens up the door for shoota boys to lay down the hurt. This game becomes very one-sided as my partner and I have wiped all of the big daemons off the board after Turn 3. We win this game.

Final Record: 2-1-0

     Our team (Krump & Hump) ends up being Best Overall, so we win a shiny gold medal. Our perfect sportsmanship score and very high painting score allows us to barely squeak out a victory over a very close running.

     TL;DR: Orks are best.


  1. Congrats, you have good looking force and it sounded like a good tournament. Krump and Hump! *hur hur hur!

  2. Team WalTau Bunndar will have their revenge!!!