Sunday, February 26, 2012

1750 Tournament: A Bloody Good Time

     You can barely see it, but there is one TH/SS guy who sat there chilling for 3 rounds of combat. The lil' slugger just wouldn't give up and made 3++ like a champ. I need to give him some sort of upgrade for his valor. 

    The Deathwing (Shrkfin) was a blast to play at the tournament. Game 1 was Space Wolves played by Mike (great player/gentleman). Game 2 was Necrons with Stormlord/Orkian played by Jarid (My blog-bro from Sisters of Battle). Game 3 was aganist Reserve Tyranids played by Chris (another great player and we both enjoyed this slobber-knocker).

     Here is the final list that I took. The previous list was under by 50 pts...Whoops.

HQ (130pts)
Beliel - w/ Claws

Troops (1240pts)
1) Deathwing Command Squad (Troops) (290pts)
++ CML, Apothocary, Standard Bearer, 5x Thunder Hammer and Storm Shield

2) Deathwing Terminator Squad (Troops) (235pts)
++ CML, 3x Storm Bolter and Power Fist, 2x Thunder Hammer and Storm Shield

3) Deathwing Terminator Squad (Troops) (235pts)
++ CML, 5x Thunder Hammer and Storm Shield

4) Deathwing Terminator Squad (Troops) (240pts)
++ CML, Storm Bolter and Chainfist, 4x Thunder Hammer and Storm Shield

5) Deathwing Terminator Squad (Troops) (240pts)
++ CML, Storm Bolter and Chainfist, 4x Thunder Hammer and Storm Shield

Fast Attack (380pts)
1) Ravenwing Attack Squadron (190pts)
++2x Meltagun
+++Ravenwing Attack Bike w/ Multi Melta

2) Ravenwing Attack Squadron (190pts)
++2x Meltagun+++Ravenwing Attack Bike w/ Multi Melta

1750 Points, 10 Kill Points

     I will whip up a Battle Report after I write a paper for my Master's classes. I will focus on Deployment because that is the area that I am trying to focus on. Spoiler Alert: DEEPSTRIKING!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Zone Mortalis - Spaceship X Tiles

First, the link to the pdf. Zone Mortalis Rules pdf New from Forge World. I love, love, love the idea of small skirmish games in a ship. Boarding actions are my favorite Sci-fi settings and it is the reason that I chose to play Space Sharks in Warhammer 40k.

The owner of my FLGS created these spaceship tiles and they look beautiful. Also, they are very cheap for the level of detail that you are getting. I was planning on picking up 2 sets to replace my Space Hulk cardboard tiles, but now they are a definite purchase with these new rules. It also helps that he is a great guy with a great product. I will buy some to paint up for my next hobby purchase.

Link Spaceship X Tiles

Monday, February 20, 2012

1750 Tournament Deathwing: Getting the Sharks Ready to Swim

    Here is my first real time at free-handing a chapter badge. Currently,  I am attempting to get the Space Sharks ready to roll for an upcoming 1750 tournament at the FLGS. I am indecisive on my list because I don't know what to run. I am most comfortable with Terminators and bikes, but the bikes are such easy kill points. Also, Fearless bikes aren't as good as fearless TH/SS terminators.

The List So Far: 1750 Deathwing
Belial w/ Claws

1) Command Squad
      - All TH/SS with Apothecary, CML, and Banner
2) 4 TH/SS Squad with Chainfist CML
3) 4 TH/SS Squad with Chainfist CML
4) 4 TH/SS Squad with Chainfist CML
5) 2 TH/SS Squad and 2 SB/PF with Chainfist CML

Fast Attack
1) 3 Bikes
     - 2 Meltaguns and 1 Sarge with Melta Bombs
     - 1 Attack Bike with Multi-Melta
2) 3 Bikes
     - 2 Meltaguns and 1 Sarge with Melta Bombs

1750 points on the nose, 9 Kill Points

     I love using DWA to teleport in the Command Squad, plus 2 other squads without scattering via the bikes. I am not sold on the Attack bike because I don't know if 1 melta shot is worth a kill point. I wouldn't have anything to spend the 50 points on though besides giving the bike sarges a powerfist. I don't want the bikes in CC, though. Also, with 3 men, it seems unlikely that the fist sarge will get to swing.

     I have 3 dreads, more terminators, and 2 Land Raiders, so I am open to list advice. Dreads are fun/fluffy, but do nothing in previous games. Land Raiders seem fun, but I already have very few bodies. More terminators is an option, but boring. I don't think that one more terminator squad will make or break me at 1750.

     I freehanded up a banner for the Command squad. It is stolen from my Warriors of Chaos. I used the old Rogue Trader goofy shark because I love him.

Here are all of my Sargents in all of their Sharky glory.

"Jaw-shields" are from Ogre bull gutplates. The Shark-hammers are from the Dwarf Warrior command sprue. It is a sea-monster looking bit, where I chopped off the extra backfins to leave a dorsal sharkfin. It may be goofy looking, but I want to look like Sharks! I was tired of people asking about my Space Wolf army since I have grey Marines.

I used a bit from Fabius Bile to represent my Terminator Apothecary since I built this list up pre-Grey Knights with their rooting tooting TDA Apothecary bit.

Friday, February 3, 2012

AoBR Orks to a Blood Bowl Team: Make it Choppy

     I wanted to start Blood Bowl, and I have an abundance of Boyz. Seemed like an easy conclusion to me. Kitbash a team up.

Here are the 3 linemen. They have rounded shoulder pads and look block-ey.

 These lads are my blitzers. They have the knuckle dusters, which are the chainsaw blade ork arms with the blades lopped off.

 Black Ork Blockers are based off of AoBR nobz.

 The thrower, not that orks have much of a passing game. Probably shouldn't have a boss pole, but how else does he exert his dominance over the other players?

I colored the boyz off of the University of Kansas' away colors, my Undergraduate college.  I am proud of how they turned out. I am tempted to color the pass rims, to better differentiate between the different player types; thrower, blocker, lineman, and passer.

Now, I just need a game board....